How to Create A "Looks Like Film" for Weddings In Lightroom - Teach Me How to Lightroom - 011

1 year ago

This episode of Teach Me How to Lightroom covers the following: 1.) How to add grain to make an image look like it was taken on film 2.) How to adjust the HSL Saturation Download the RAW...

Make Your Videos LOOK Like FILM! (IN Final Cut Pro X)

8 months ago

If you've wanted to up the cinematic quality of your videos so that they look like film, then you need to check out mLUT. mLut is an easy to use plugin for Final Cut Pro X which immediately...

How to Make Digital Photos look like Film

2 years ago

Here is a tutorial on how to make digitally taken photos to look like film. Many people love the film effect on photos so hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. Like and & Subscribe for more.

How to edit digital photos to look like film

3 years ago

Quick tutorial showing how I edit pictures in Lightroom to look like film without using VSCO or Replichrome presets to get a Fuji 400h film-like look to my picture. Even if your not out to...

SHOOT DIGITAL LIKE FILM | Slog3 + Sony FS7 Exposure and Grading Tutorial

11 months ago

This video is dedicated to Alister Chapman, the person who taught me how to shoot with the FS7 + Slog3 like a traditional (film) cinematographer. XDCAM User - Sony...

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3 years ago


Cinematic Film Look on a DSLR

2 years ago

How can we make our films look more expensive & professional? COLOR GRADING: BLOG POST: Host...

How To Get The Film Look With a DSLR - DSLR Cinematography Tips

5 years ago

Using aspect ratio, film grain, camera settings and basic colour correction we take a look at how you can make your DSLR footage more 'Cinematic'. Have you found this video useful? Help support...

How to Fake the Super 8 Film Look

2 years ago

Let's try a cinematic 8mm look with a digital camera. Host and Creator - Simon Cade Graded with FilmConvert - 10% off': (I earn a commission from purchases...

Street Portrait Edit - Looks Like Film 01

3 years ago

This awesome image was taken by Grant Wilson. Check out more of his work here: For the best photo inspiration on the web, check out http://www.lookslikefil...

Like Film

4 years ago

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3 years ago


Make Video Look Like Film: Shot Design - Filmmaking Tutorial 1

9 years ago

Watch all my video & photo tutorials here: Exclusive Film Tutorials: Contact me & Twitter @TomAntos...

Make your footage look Cinematic FAST! Premiere Pro Tutorial

1 year ago

This is how to create more cinematic / Hollywood looking footage with some easy tips on colour correction and a little bit of sound design. This tutorial outlines some basics in colour grading...

Make Phone/Digital photos look like FILM (HUJI CAM app) - 2017

4 months ago

Make Phone photos look like FILM (HUJI CAM app) HUJI CAM is a free app Phone used: iPhone 6s iPhone iOS app October 2017 Update: Upon checking, Huji Cam is currently not available on android devices.

Live Q & A with Looks Like Film Founder and Photographer Lukas Piatek

2 years ago

Live Q & A with Looks Like Film Founder and Photographer Lukas Piatek.

Thunderbolts Film Rumored for 2022 as Suicide Squad Like Film

6 months ago

The Comic Book Cast is an online geek culture community. Our mission is to deliver content that helps you embrace the film, tv, comics, and gaming that we all love in a unique way and having...

Shutter Angle - How to make your DSLR video look like film

6 years ago

An instructional video on how to utilise the concept of shutter angle to make your DSLR video look like film! You can find a detailed, written tutorial on my Surfaced Studio website:

How to Make Your Video Look Like Film

9 years ago How to give video a film look using 24p and editing techniques to achieve the look of film. This episode is available in HD here: here