Michele Maddox


R.I.P.-Summer Michele Maddox- Thirteen

10 years ago

A slideshow that I made for Summer, a friend of mine who passed away last year. I used music by Mushroomhead, I used this song because I think that its just so beautiful. The quality is probably...

Anthony & Michelle Maddox Wedding_May 4, 2013

5 years ago

Anthony Maddox and Michelle Smith Wedding ceremony, May 4, 2013.

Боевик “СТЫЧКА“ 2017 русские боевики

1 week ago

официальный дилер умных часов. БОЕВИК АМУЛЕТ Не детское кино Русские Криминальные Фильмы 2017 Новинки...

Bean boozled challenge

2 years ago

Bean boozled challenge with Michele, Maddox, and Shea.

The Dick Show Live: Madcucks Reads Maddox's Letter to Ex Live - HOPE AND CRINGE

3 months ago

The video dog-bite lawyers and two-time drunk drivers don't want you to see. Featured as "Exhibit 16" in George Ouzounian's $20000000 New York lolsuit against his California-based former...

F*ck Sales - Leaked Sales Numbers on Maddox's New Book F*ck Whales - The Dick Show

4 months ago

"The Book Bandit" calls in with concrete sales numbers on Maddox's disaster of a new book F*ck Whales. http://patreon.com/thedickshow http://dick.show/episode-74.

Maddox tries to report Joel Chaco's Patreon - The Dick Show

1 year ago

Listener Joel Chaco talks about getting his Patreon reported to the Patreon Police by Maddox. Joel's Podcast - http://hereswhatidontget.com http://dick.show/episode-32/ http://patreon.com/thedick...

Madcucks Reads a Fake Break-Up Letter to 80s Girl - The Dick Show

3 months ago

Madcucks reads a better (FAKE) version of the breakup letter Maddox wrote to 80s girl to warm up for Road Rage: Chicago. http://dick.show/episode-78/ http://patreon.com/thedickshow/

Ohne Dich Drama, DE 2014 HD Part 2

2 weeks ago

Darsteller Katja Riemann Rosa Hansen Charly Hübner Marcel Schlesinger Helen Woigk Motte Arne Gottschling Neo Sarah Horvath Mitra Rolf Hoppe Hans . Das erstaunlich stark besetzte filmdeb.....

My Great Nephew Maddox

2 years ago

Smiling & cooing at his favorite Aunt Shell.


3 years ago


Baby Talk with tWitch

2 years ago

Ellen had a surprise for tWitch during the show... a virtual visit with Allison and their newborn son, Maddox!

Madcucks Explains Madbux - The Dick Show

12 months ago

Madcucks calls in to explain the confusion around Madbux. http://dick.show/episode-40/ http://patreon.com/thedickshow.

Hercules In The Haunted World Trailer 1961 Sword and Sandal Trailer

2 weeks ago

Another rare film. All true film fanatics who follow film history and the boom of the peplum era in the 1960's should be aware of this classic work of cinema. This is . Pick of the Flicks....

David and Goliath (1960) Orson Welles, Ivica Pajer, Hilton Edwards. Sword and Sandal

1 week ago

The story of the film is adapted from the Old Testament: The Philistines declare war on the Israelites and wrench the Arch of the Allience from them. Saul, the king of Israel, listens meanwhile.....

Executive Coaching Isn't For Everyone: How To Decide Who Gets A Coach

8 months ago

If you think everyone needs a coach, think again. In an engaging panel with Former NBA Star Theo Ratfliff and Michele Maddox, Executive Communications Coach Monique Russell shares who benefits...

Madcucks Reads The Letter - Road Rage: Chicago

3 days ago

Many years ago, Maddox wrote a "please get back with me" letter to the love of his life. I obtained that letter and told Maddox I wouldn't read it if he stopped fucking with me and the people...

CrossFit - Meet Neal Maddox

5 years ago

When Neal Maddox was 9, he started doing push-ups and sit-ups every day in his bedroom. Maddox's uncles were large men and his dad "was really big and buff," so he wanted to keep up. Maddox...

Maddox opening candy gift basket. Thanks Michele, Lucas and Logan!

2 years ago

Maddox took care of Lucas And Logan's fish, Flippy, so their mommy Michele got Maddox this awesome candy gift basket! Safe to say he's like a kid in a candy store ha.

Madcucks Backs Michele Obama 2020 - The Dick Show

1 year ago

Madcucks calls in to plug his newest video and support his socially-conscious, YouTube-acceptable 2020 presidential candidate. http://dick.show/episode-24/ http://patreon.com/thedickshow.


3 years ago