Administrator Bridenstine: Twin Spacecraft Launch to Study the Earth

15 hours ago

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine talks about the GRACE Follow-on (GRACE-FO) mission to track Earth's water movement. GRACE-FO is scheduled to launch ...

Cold Atom Lab Launching on Board Orbital ATK Mission to Space Station

4 days ago

The new Cold Atom Lab (CAL) facility is among the cargo launching to the International Space Station on the Orbital ATK CRS-9 mission. The Cold Atom Lab ...

Astronauts Working Outside the Space Station on This Week @NASA – May 18, 2018

5 days ago

Our astronauts doing work outside the space station, an agencywide town hall with our new administrator, and old data provide new insight about Jupiter's moon ...

A Copter Companion for the Mars 2020 Rover on This Week @NASA – May 11, 2018

2 weeks ago

Sending a helicopter to Mars, a busy week for our new Administrator, and showcasing how technology enables exploration – a few of the stories to tell you about ...

STEM in 30 - Ask an Astronaut with Randy Bresnik and Paolo Nespoli

2 weeks ago

NASA Astronaut Randy "Komrade" Bresnik and ESA Astronaut Paolo Nespoli joined STEM in 30 to answer questions about their recent six-month stay on the ...

Administrator Bridenstine Speaks at Humans to Mars Summit

2 weeks ago

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine delivered the keynote address at the Humans to Mars Summit 2018, on Wednesday, May 9 at The George Washington ...

Administrator Bridenstine: ‘We Are Going to the Moon’

2 weeks ago

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine asked commercial companies to help get the agency back to the Moon as quickly as possible during an 'industry day', ...

Our Newest Mission to Mars on This Week @NASA – May 5, 2018

3 weeks ago

Our newest mission to Mars is on its way, Vice President Pence visits our Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and observing our planet's ever-changing water cycle – a ...

Administrator Bridenstine: InSight Will Map the Inside of Mars

3 weeks ago

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine shares thoughts on the Mars InSight mission, the search for evidence of life beyond Earth, returning humans to the Moon ...

NASA's InSight Mars Mission: Countdown to T-Zero

3 weeks ago

Insight, NASA's next Mars explorer, has arrived at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California - a big step forward in the countdown to T-zero on May 5. For launch ...

NASA Space Missions Possible Because of Small Businesses

3 weeks ago

NASA Deputy Associate Administrator recognizes the 2018 National Small Business Week; a time to celebrate the critical contributions of America's ...

Bridenstine Sworn in as NASA Administrator on This Week @NASA – April 27, 2018

3 weeks ago

Vice President Pence swears in our new NASA Administrator, a Hubble anniversary flythrough of a nebula, and the smell in the clouds of one of our outermost ...

Welcome Jim Bridenstine to the NASA Family

4 weeks ago

Jim Bridenstine officially took office as the 13th administrator of NASA on Monday, April 23rd, after he was given the oath of office by Vice President Mike Pence ...

A New Administrator is Confirmed on This Week @NASA – April 20, 2018

1 month ago

A new NASA Administrator is confirmed, our next planet-hunting mission launches, and the first 3-D microscopic image on the space station – a few of the stories ...

Human Exploration Rover Challenge on This Week @NASA – April 13, 2018

1 month ago

A challenge for the next generation of explorers, an eye-popping virtual tour of the Moon, and introducing the public to a universe of discovery – a few of the ...

Dwarf Wheat Grows in International Space Station’s Advanced Plant Habitat

1 month ago

The Advanced Plant Habitat is up and running aboard the International Space Station. This time lapse demonstrates the growth of dwarf wheat in the new facility.

Jupiter’s Dynamo

1 month ago

NASA's Juno mission has provided the first view of the dynamo, or engine, powering Jupiter's magnetic field. The new global portrait reveals unexpected ...

Low 3-D Flyover of Jupiter’s North Pole in Infrared

1 month ago

In this animation the viewer is taken low over Jupiter's north pole to illustrate the 3-D aspects of the region's central cyclone and the eight cyclones that encircle it.

Lowering the Boom of Supersonic Flight on This Week @NASA – April 6, 2018

2 months ago

Building the future of quiet supersonic flight, science and supplies delivered to the space station, and uncovering the farthest star ever seen – a few of the stories ...

SpaceX's Dragon Arrives at the International Space Station (Time-lapse)

2 months ago

This time-lapse video packs 90 minutes from the SpaceX Dragon resupply ship's rendezvous and capture maneuvers at the International Space Station on April ...

NASA Psyche Mission: Journey to a Metal World

2 months ago

Psyche is both the name of an asteroid orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter — and the name of a NASA space mission to visit that asteroid, led by Arizona ...