In our village

Cat Barsik Caught the mouse

3 months ago

the cat is playing with the bear.

The pursuit!

12 months ago

Redhead cat chases white to drive off its territory, but suddenly .... Рыжий кот преследует белого, чтобы прогнать со своей территории,...

Mouse Protection

12 months ago

Aggressive Mouse on the way home .. I wanted to climb into the hut, but changed my mind.

Cat and mouse, part 2

1 year ago

My cat has caught the mouse and play with it! Cat Barsik name!

Cat and mouse

1 year ago

My cat has caught the mouse and play with it! Cat Barsik name! It resembles cartoon Tom and Jerry.

Little kittens play.

1 year ago

Vaska and Margo play together. This is my little kittens.

Repair of roads in our village

1 year ago

I was traveling one day to the city and saw the make road repairs. In the general, see for yourself .. Ехал я одного дня в город и увидел как сделали...

Маркиз vs Рыжик!

1 year ago

It was an ordinary day! I decided to take the camera down and take pictures of the beautiful sky in this hot summer, but saw this spectacular frame as Marquis wants to sneak up to another cat....

Grad in our village

1 year ago

Grad in our village. He brought a lot of destruction. Well that was not broken Slate. Град в нашей деревне. Он принес много разрушений. Хорошо,...

Plane flying low

1 year ago

Low flying plane in my home.. Низко летит самолет у меня дома.

Reaction hedgehog

1 year ago

Video on how protected hedgehog. His reaction to the touch stick. During movie shooting hedgehog was not hurt Видео о том как еж защищается . Его реакция...