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Defence cuts ' letting down veterans'

1 hour ago

Cuts to the UK's military budget are having an impact on Britain's influence in the world - and are letting down our veterans. Figures show that the defence budget has fallen by almost 20%...

Leadsom: 'I don't wish I was doing PM's job at all'

2 hours ago

On Sunday with Niall Paterson, the Leader of the House of Commons, Andrea Leadsom is asked: 'Do you ever think you could do a better job than Theresa May in Brexit negotiations?' Leadsom who...

Don't expect 'seismic shift' in Labour policy

2 hours ago

Labour's shadow attorney general Shami Chakrabarti has played down expectations of a "seismic shift" in the party's Brexit policy. She says Jeremy Corbyn's speech on Brexit will offer "more...

Interview: Blair on customs union and second referendum

1 day ago

The Cabinet may have finally agreed its vision for Brexit but one of Theresa May's predecessors is insisting it's still impossible to know just what the public voted for back in June 2016....

Brexit Forensics: Impact on Welsh lamb exports

2 days ago

Welsh lamb is one of the great British exports, with 90% going to the European Union. But what happens to these exports after Brexit? Farmers in the Brecon Beacons fear they will be losing...

Telefónica “remains committed” to Britain ahead of Brexit

3 days ago

The Chief Executive of O2, Mark Evans speaks to Sky's Ian King about the company's trial of 5G. He says O2's owner Telefónica “remains committed” to Britain ahead of Brexit.

Accor Hotels plan to expand its operations in the UK post-Brexit

3 days ago

The Chief Executive of Accor Hotels Sébastien Bazin tells Sky's Ian King the company remains “committed to the UK” and will expand its operations in Britain ahead of Brexit. The company,...

Centrica CEO says government's energy price caps is “fundamentally flawed”

3 days ago

Iain Conn tells Sky's Ian King that the government's energy price cap will ultimately be “bad for customers” as it means less competition. The Chief Executive of Centrica, which owns...

Why the world will remain thirsty for oil for decades

3 days ago

BP has published its annual review and estimates the planet will reach peak oil in the 2030s. The oil giant has also set out a complex picture for the future of energy as renewables grow while...

Lloyds Banking Group hails "landmark year" as annual profits soar

3 days ago

Blurb - Lloyds Banking Group has hailed a "landmark year" as annual profits soared by 24% to a record £5.3bn, yet it continues to be dogged by the cost of past scandals. The results covered...

Swipe | PC modding & Abbey Road Studios

3 days ago

We go inside the PC modding community this week as reporter Chris Creegan meets the people who spend big on souping-up their computers to enhance their gaming experience. Meanwhile, Swipe...

'Pornographic dancing' tourist on 'terrifying' prison experience

3 days ago

Tom Jeffries, one of five Britons arrested for "pornographic dancing" in Cambodia, speaks of his "terrifying" prison experience.

Central Bank chief suspended amid Latvia corruption scandal

5 days ago

Claims of money laundering, solicited bribes and poor regulation - now the European Central Bank Governor has been suspended amid a Latvia corruption scandal. Investigative journalist Inga...

HSBC profits fall short of expectations

5 days ago

HSBC's profits fall short on analyst's predictions as its CEO Stuart Gulliver prepares to hand over the top job to John Flint. Investec banking analyst Ian Gordon speaks to Ian King Live...

Swipe | Dublin's tech scene & 'instant' e-biking

1 week ago

Reporter Angela Barnes is in Dublin to find out how smaller companies are faring side by side with the likes of Google and Facebook. Meanwhile, presenter Gemma Evans is zipping around London...

John Oliver on Trump, Brexit and fake news

2 weeks ago

Comedian and presenter John Oliver has hit out at Donald Trump saying he's "taking an axe to the US government". But he didn't stop at the US President. He's also had his say on Brexit adding...

Business bosses bemoan a 'lack of clarity' over Brexit

2 weeks ago

Innocent Drinks co-founder and Open Britain supporter Richard Reed, and Lance Forman who owns H. Forman and Sons, lock horns over Brexit and the customs union.

Mary Lou McDonald 'ready to do business' with Arlene Foster

2 weeks ago

The new Sinn Fein leader's comments will fuel speculation that the DUP and Sinn Fein are inching towards a breakthrough agreement.

Widow of beheaded aid worker pleads for the location of his body

2 weeks ago

Dragana Prodanovic Haines has told Sky News that she's been unable to get closure over the death of her husband David in 2014.

Dignity for dead victims of the migration crisis

2 weeks ago

Mark Stone travels to the Greek border with Turkey where there has been an 80% increase in migrant movement. One doctor there works to identify the dead from their remains. You can also read...

Mother of IS victim says killers should be spared Guantanamo Bay

2 weeks ago

The mother of a US journalist killed by IS says that the captured British jihadis should not be sent to Guantanamo Bay.