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Not sure who originally found it(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDZrWmRkMdU is the person who uploaded first from what i see), but thank you so hard. The dante infinite before felt like a balancing act but this one feels a lot more reliable. If you notice the other character is going to high up you can charge the air play longer depending on how far you want them to fall.
Opener: ADF j.H Qcf.M j.L
Loop: j.LH Qcf.M ADF j.LH
Damage: ~14,000/rep
Meter Build: 1 Bar/~4.5 reps
Song: YuGiOh Duelst of the Rose - Vs. Lancastrians Theme
(2 Means down, 8 means up, 4 means backwards and 6 means Forward, i will sometimes use numbers to indicate motions like Qcb or Dp if the move is tiger knee'd. Use the number pad on your keyboard to understand these notations.)
(c_ = crouching normal, s_ = standing normal, j_ = jumping normal)
BC = Bold Cancel (Any of the 3 attack buttons and S, followed by a special Attack)
236/Qcf = quarter circle forward
214/Qcb = Quarter circle back
623/Dp = Dragon punch, or Forward, down, forward,
22 = Down down
AD = Air Dash, F is forward, D is down, U is up, DF is down+forward etc.
PD = Plink Dash, to cancel the startup of an attack into a dash, usually done by hitting one button then 2 other buttons at the same time to dash.

if you see a motion like 236 or 214 with an 8 at the end, its a Tiger Knee which is when a motion is done immediately after super jumping but can be simplified into one input.
if you dont understand anything else, leave a comment

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